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I'm impressed that you've made it this far  !!

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The secret to my own successful retirement transition was as follows:

Robert Harker


An ability to break the process down into digestible steps.

Finding a reliable, proven information source to minimize the risk.  

Becoming emotionally comfortable with the predictable desired outcome.

Insuring the result with dependable, accessible ongoing support.  

The goal of eliminating expensive, frustrating trial and error. 

I am using the same proven model in this proposition.

Let’s begin

In order to gain the best perspective I would ask that you complete the following questionnaire.

Understanding your situation allows me to focus on providing concise answers to your timely questions and more importantly answers to questions you might not have thought to ask.  

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Have you visited Thailand before?
Are you looking to retire to Thailand in the next few months ?
Do you plan to retire to Thailand in the next 3 years ?
What age group are you ?
Do you require partial vender financing ?
Do you have special circumstances which require creative solutions ?
Would buying the unit now and “renting back “the unit to me (the Seller) for a 3 year period be an acceptable option in your situation?
Have you already applied for a Thai retirement visa ?
Do you have friends waiting to see the outcome of your plans ?

Indo-China time is 12 hours ahead of CST in the States so I will coordinate a Skype call based on your preferences as stated in your comments provided the time/day will work for both parties.

I will confirm your submission via email.  If you are a seasoned investor and wish to buy the property sight unseen please state those intentions.