Property Features

$ 97,500 USD including ALL transfer taxes, legal fees, NO SURPRISES Guaranteed !!

For sale by owner 560 S.F.  double studio.  Balcony at palm tree level 4th floor, sunny southeast exposure, 3 blocks from the beach, 2 blocks to endless nightlife, shopping malls, gyms, corner bars, and restaurants.  2 swimming pools, open parking,  laundry services, barber shops, street food vendors, friendly locals, in short, a vibrant community within the city itself.

Centrally located in the beach resort town of Pattaya, Thailand. No need for a car as cheap scooter, car taxis, shuttle busses (baht bus), and public transit is dirt cheap and available 24/7.

“This double unit features floor to ceiling draperies. The backing on the drapes is unique, when closed it virtually eliminates light from the outside during the day. Additionally, reflecting the sun 100% to keep the condo cool and even helps to reduce ambient noise (which I did not expect).

Hardwood floors throughout, 85-inch flat screen TV, 2 AC hi- efficiency units, appliances, all houseware, bedding, towels, everything.  Totally turnkey for a hassle-free relocation. 2 safes, a tool locker, new apartment-sized washer.  

A little history …

I purchased the double unit 3 years ago, totally gutted the space creating a roomy open concept.  A perfect solo bachelor layout.

Centrally located in Pattaya no need for need a car, in fact, having a car is a hassle

in most cases.  Cheap scooter/taxis are everywhere, Bolt ( Asia's answer to Uber ) and convenient reliable public transit is dirt cheap and runs 24/7.

My monthly living expenses (receipts available) are next to nothing.  Condo fees

 $ 30, no HOA in Thailand,  electricity $ 45 w/ AC, cell phone $ 5, fast internet $ 30, gym membership $ 260 yearly ( with a pool ).   Property taxes are pennies and health care is world class and very affordable by American standards.            

See the “Orientation Tab “ for important notes on setting up/ registering your healthcare infrastructure.

This double unit features floor-to-ceiling draperies. The backing material is unique. When closed it virtually eliminates light from the outside during the day.  Additionally; reflecting the sun 100% to keep the condo cool and it even helps to reduce ambient noise (which I did not expect).    Hardwood floors throughout, 85-inch flat screen TV, 42-inch computer monitor, top-of-the-line internet, 2 Hi- efficiency AC units, appliances, all housewares, bedding, towels, 2 safes, tool locker, new apartment-size washer. Everything you need to live a comfortable, easy life from the moment you walk in the door and drop your bags.


The washer is a godsend!!  Believe me, I lived without one for a couple of years, now I’m hooked on the convenience and cost savings.  Even her Royal Highness likes to use it!  I’m in shockShe believes the morning is the best part of the day that’s why she always springs out of bed at the crack of 11:30 am. 

     It’s hard to stay mad at her .. .  for obvious reasons.  I’ll leave it at that.


My lazy friend won’t be staying!

And you should be glad because you will encounter your own distractions every time you walk down the street, go to the market, or try to mind your own business. Get used to it.  Seriously.

This unit is totally furnished, decorated complete with artificial plants 

            A tropical garden vibe is perfect for a bachelor's zero-maintenance lifestyle.

The total savings of not having to outfit your condo after the initial purchase are HUGE !!!

Any doubts ?  Print off the inventory and price it out in the States!!

Items Included in the Sale

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Items Included in the Sale

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This is a Gated Community – Within walking distance of Every Amenity
Three blocks to the beach - Located in Pattaya City center

Unit Mix

Total community 2,000 Units - All High Rise Apartments - Average single unit size 280 S.F / 600 S.F double  

                        7 Main buildings -   6 @ Six story complexes -   1 main tower 24 floors

On-Site  Amenities

  • 2  Large freshwater pools

  • 10 Different restaurants, a variety of cuisine most have outdoor patios w/ delivery

  • Numerous salons with varying specialties

  • Massage parlors

  • Retail shops Internet provider

  • Postal / Courier service

  • 24-hour security


On-Site  Amenities

  • Property management office

  • Maintenance staff with facilities

  • Bangkok Airport shuttle services

  • Property rental/sales brokers

  • Residential service / A/C Repair

  • Car wash service

  • Large taxi stand on site open 24/7

  • Open parking

  • Business copy center






Floor Plan
& Construction


Location &
Life Style


Owner / Author




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